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What are practical flooring alternatives to hardwood to use in your home?

“Always pick your yard based on your Summer lifetstyle.”


October 31, 2019 - Karl Yeh

Looking for different flooring options other than hardwood for your home? What are the costs and maintenance? In this episode, we discuss flooring alternatives and when you would need them. We also explore how to maintain and pricing. 

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What we discussed:

Hi, everyone. I'm Karl. Welcome to another Homebuyer's School video, a channel where you get the latest strategies, tactics, and tips from experts to help you with your home buying journey. Now remember, if this is your first time on this channel, and you want to get the latest strategies from the experts, hit the subscription button [00:00:30] below. Hit the little notification bell so you don't miss anything.

Karl Yeh:             

Today I'm joined by Rebecca Hotchkiss, Interior Designer with Brookfield Residential, and we're going to talk about

Flooring alternatives

So Rebecca, let's say I have a room inside my home that I kind of want to do a little different. Let's say a gym or a rec room.

What kind of alternative flooring would I use?

Rebecca Hotchkiss:             

One of the most popular for a gym scenario would be a rubber floor. You can see there's a couple different types of rubber.

You have solid, you've got flecked. It's nice because there's a little bit of give. It's not too [00:01:00] hard of a surface, good for running, jumping, for kids playing.

We use this a lot in kids rooms too. It's just a nice kind of alternate to a hardwood or a carpet that has a bit more longevity and very durable.

Karl Yeh:             

I guess that was my next question is:

How often would you need to either replace it or does it even need to be replaced?

Rebecca :            

No, it is extremely, extremely durable. I would say it's probably one of the most durable floors that you could put in one of those spaces. I mean, it's great with water-

Karl Yeh:              Oh, great.

Rebecca Hotchkiss:           

Because of that little give there, it really [00:01:30] works if you're dropping things, heavy things, treadmills, you name it. It's a great option.

Karl Yeh:              And does it cause any type of warping? Or no, it's-

Rebecca:             No, it's-

Karl Yeh:              Perfect?

Rebecca Hotchkiss:            Pretty good just as is.

Karl Yeh:              Yeah. And tell me, what do we have here? This is very interesting.

Rebecca Hotchkiss:             This is a cork floor.

Karl Yeh:              Yes.

Rebecca Hotchkiss:           

This is an option that sometimes people choose to do in smaller spaces at their home. Maybe just their basement, maybe just their upper floor.

It's a unique option instead of doing carpet or hardwood.

You can see there's some pretty neat colors. [00:02:00] It does come from a cork tree, so it also kind of taps into those eco-friendly people because it is harvested from a living tree.

You don't have to cut the tree down to harvest.

Karl Yeh:              Okay.

Rebecca Hotchkiss:             So it's nice that it has that aspect to it.

Karl Yeh:              And why would you use something like this? Just something different?

Rebecca Hotchkiss:             

For a different look. Yeah, for a different look. I mean, in any of the applications that you would use hardwood, you could use this for sure.

Karl Yeh:              You could use this?

Rebecca Hotchkiss:            It's just kind of a little bit of an interesting kind of focal point.

Karl Yeh:             

Now, because I have a dog, when I look at something like [00:02:30] this, I have a feeling my dog will scratch this within maybe a day.

Rebecca Hotchkiss:            So it's not the most durable.

 I mean, dog nails probably don't work well for this. This one on the bottom here, you can see it has a lot more going on as far as color goes.

Sometimes that hides things like scratches, but again, this wouldn't be your most durable floor. I also would probably stay away from water with this.

You would worry a little bit about bubbling, if it was an area where you were sitting with water. So I wouldn't do it in bathrooms, wouldn't do it in kitchen.

More of like a recreational basement room, TV room, [00:03:00] that kind of thing.

How to maintain

Karl Yeh:              How is this for maintenance?

Rebecca Hotchkiss:           

I mean one cool thing about it is you actually can refinish it, similar to some hardwood floors. It definitely depends on the product.

Some manufacturers may be a little different than others, but it's neat that you can actually kind of sand it down and refinish it if you did want to do that down the road.

Karl Yeh:              Oh, you can sand it? Okay.

Rebecca Hotchkiss:             Yeah.

Karl Yeh:              Okay. How often can you do that?

Rebecca Hotchkiss:             

It does depend on the product, it depends on the thickness of what that actual material is. I wouldn't say more than once, usually.

And I would definitely go to your supplier for a recommendation before doing that [00:03:30] initially.

Karl Yeh:              Perfect. Do you have anything else to add in terms of flooring alternatives?

Rebecca Hotchkiss:           

I mean they're both beautiful. You can use them in lots of different applications. I think some people think that wow comes from color, but it is pretty neat to see a different-

Karl Yeh:              Yeah, it's definitely different. Yeah.

Rebecca :             ... texture, different material, and you still get that same impact.

Question of the Day

Karl Yeh:              Perfect. The question of the day for you:

Have you ever used flooring alternative in your home?

Let us know in the description below. So if you want to know more about flooring, check out our playlist here, as well as our other interior design videos here. I'll see you in our next video


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