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19, Jul 2018

Is 2018 a good time to buy a house? (if not, then when is?)

Wondering if it is a good time to buy a home? Especially in 2018? In this episode, we discuss if it actually is a good time to buy a home and how to d...

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16, Jul 2018

How to choose the best flooring for your home (that suits your lifestyle)

So you've either bought a new home or plan to upgrade one you already own. How do you choose the best flooring? Where do you start? In this episode, w...

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12, Jul 2018

What's the fastest way to buy a home (with tips and challenges you need to know)

Do you need to buy a home quickly? Where do you begin? In this episode, we discuss how to buy a house fast, with whom to connect with and how to start...

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09, Jul 2018

When and how to move out of your parent's house?

We've all been there. The decision to leave home and start living on your own. In this episode, we discuss when is the best time to move from your par...

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06, Jul 2018

What should I know and look for before buying a house for the first time?

When buying a home for the first time, what are some things you need to know? What should you look for when visiting a home you're planning to buy? In...

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03, Jul 2018

Costs to consider when moving out for the first time

So you're ready to move out and into a new home. But what are the moving expenses to think about? and how do you budget for the move? In this episode,...

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