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06, Dec 2018

What to look for in a new construction home inspection

In this episode, we discuss what you should know during a home inspection for a new construction home. We explore what questions to ask when meeting y...

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03, Dec 2018

Ceramic vs. Porcelain vs. Cement tile: Which one is better for your home?

Deciding between ceramic, porcelain or cement tile for your home? In this episode, we discuss the differences between the three, cost of each and inst...

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26, Nov 2018

What should I look for in a final walk though of a new home?

So your new home is finally built and you're close to taking possession. What do you need to know when doing the final walkthrough? In this episode, w...

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21, Nov 2018

What is tile underlayment and what's it used for?

So you want to protect your new tile? What type of underlayment should you use? In this episode, we discuss what is tile underlayment and what's it us...

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19, Nov 2018

What is a real estate purchase contract and how binding is it?

When you are buying a house, how does the contract between buyer and seller work? What's in the agreement and how binding is it? In this episode, we d...

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15, Nov 2018

Water pressure in a new home: What first time homeowners need to know

If you just bought a new home, do you have low water pressure? Is that normal? In this episode, we discuss what is considered normal water pressure, d...

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