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11, Feb 2019

What is a homeowners association? (including purpose, rules and responsibilities)

"It's about providing opportunities for people to live and explore their neighborhood and create connections. We still want to make sure that people h...

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07, Feb 2019

How to choose where to live when buying a new home

It's really specific to everybody's needs. For some people, it's just purely based on housing style or price point. For others maybe it's proximity,  ...

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04, Feb 2019

Home upgrades that add value to your home in 2019

"When improving the layout of a kitchen or improving the style of en suite bath that you have in your new home, those types of upgrades often have the...

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31, Jan 2019

How many types of carpet are there? (and how to choose the best one)

"So there's nylon. There's a polyester. They're the most commonly used ones. There's a polypropylene type of carpet. Usually not used that often. It d...

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27, Jan 2019

How a drainage system works in a new house

"You have your roof and obviously it drains into a down or gutters, or eavesdrop and then it goes into downspouts and then goes down into the yard. Th...

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21, Jan 2019

How to choose the best finish for your hardwood floor

Okay, there's generally two types, there's a water base and an oil base. A water base is very quick drying, it doesn't yellow, it's hard, and it's ver...

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