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07, Nov 2019

How to choose the best tile for every room in your home

Looking to use tile for your new home? Which ones are best suited for each room? why? In this episode, we discuss how to choose the best tile for each...

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31, Oct 2019

What are practical flooring alternatives to hardwood to use in your home?

Looking for different flooring options other than hardwood for your home? What are the costs and maintenance? In this episode, we discuss flooring alt...

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24, Oct 2019

How to choose the best countertop for your bathroom (with modern ideas for design)

Renovating or designing a bathroom? What countertops should you use? In this episode, we discuss bathroom countertop ideas and how to choose the best ...

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17, Oct 2019

How to pick the best (and complimentary) interior paint colours for your home

Updating the interior paint colour of your home? Choosing a colour for a brand new home? How do you choose the colour that will complement the rest of...

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10, Oct 2019

What are the best modern tile countertop ideas for your kitchen? (including cost and maintenance)

Planning on a renovating or installing new kitchen tile countertops? What are the best types of tile? How about the latest designs? In this episode, w...

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26, Sep 2019

How much mortgage can I afford? (and calculating income and debt impacts)

Wondering if you can actually afford to buy that home you've been eyeing? How much can you  afford? How much will your lender provide? In this episode...

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