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How to move out for the first time on a budget (with secret cost-saving hacks)

“Always pick your yard based on your Summer lifetstyle.”


June 25, 2018 - Karl Yeh

Are you moving out for the first time? On a limited budget? In this episode, we discuss how to save money when moving out including the type of moving help you'll need, where to find boxes, getting a moving vehicle and more. 

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Karl Yeh:

Hi, everyone. I'm Karl Yeh, and welcome to another Homebuyer's School video, a channel where you get the latest strategy, tactics, and tips from home buying experts.

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Today, I'm joined by Nate Edwards, co-founder or Virtuo, a company that helps transitioning and moving to a new home simple and stress-free.

The question we're going to answer today is:

How to move out on a budget

Nate Edwards:             

Good question.

We like to call a move-out budget a beer-and-pizza budget. There's a lot of tactful ways that you can really go about doing it to save yourself the most amount of money.

First and foremost, ensure you have a friend who owns a pickup truck, ideally, if you have two or three. [00:01:00] Leverage them.

They're going to come help you. They're going to help support you. You can mitigate any truck-rental fees. That will be a huge, huge help.

Some of the cash you are going to have to have set aside for is for your beer and for your pizza and for lunches.

If you are getting your friends and family to help you throughout that entire day, you have to keep them fed, and you have to keep them well-hydrated.

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Karl Yeh:                      

Where would you find moving boxes?

Nate Edwards:              Boxes.

Karl Yeh:                       Yes.

Nate Edwards:             

Also good question. [00:01:30] If you want to do boxes on the cheap, the liquor store.

Go to Costco.

The liquor store in Costco have tons and tons of boxes that they just want to get rid of. They will be happy to give them and get them off their hands and give them to you.

Karl Yeh:                       You actually ask them. You don't just walk around the back and-

Nate Edwards:              No. Well, you can-

Karl Yeh:                       ... pull through-

Nate Edwards:              ... but-

Karl Yeh:                       ... the boxes-

Nate Edwards:              ... yeah, no. It helps if you ask as opposed to just taking.

Karl Yeh:                      

Anything else in terms of what you can do on the cheap when you're planning to move out.

Nate Edwards:             

There's other things that [00:02:00] you can do, especially when it comes down your media or utilities. There's a lot of incentives for that first time when you actually go to activate those services.

Explore what all those options look like, but chances are, you'll save yourself a significant amount of money.

Karl Yeh:                      


In terms of, let's say, moving companies or renting trucks, now, I know, let's say you don't have any friends that own pickup trucks or they're not available the day that you want to move [00:02:30]

Is there a way to rent a pickup truck or a moving vehicle on the cheap?

Nate Edwards:             

Yeah. That is a good question.

The moving companies, the truck rental companies, they are more expensive at the 15th and the end of the month.

Everyone typically takes possession during those two time frames, so if you could move mid-week, you're probably going to save yourself anywhere from 20-40% off, off the actual cost of the move or the truck rental.

Karl Yeh:                      

Does it matter the size of home that you're coming from?

Nate Edwards:             

It doesn't matter. It's time and materials, so how long those companies [00:03:00] are actually physically with you throughout your journey.

That's where you're going to spend some money. If you are working with a moving company, the more prepared you are when they get there, if you have beds taken apart, if you got everything disassembled.

It's just going to mean they're going to be more efficient, which means it's going to cost you less money.

Karl Yeh:                       Awesome. Do you have anything else to add?

Nate Edwards:              I think we're good.

Karl Yeh:                      

Great. Well, thank you very much, everyone, for joining us.

Remember to watch the video on tips and advice for moving out for the very first time, and I will catch you next time.


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About Nate Edwards and Virtuo:

The founders of Virtuo have spent the last 15 years helping some of Alberta’s largest companies relocate their employee’s all around the world. Virtuo was founded in with the belief that transitioning into a new home should be simple and stress-free for everyone. This session Virtuo will be covering helpful tips, insights and strategies to support your move into your Brookfield Home so you can stay excited about your new home without the fear and anxiety of a monster to- do list.

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