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How to choose the best countertop for your bathroom (with modern ideas for design)

“Always pick your yard based on your Summer lifetstyle.”


October 24, 2019 - Karl Yeh

Renovating or designing a bathroom? What countertops should you use? In this episode, we discuss bathroom countertop ideas and how to choose the best one for your home. We explore cleaning and sealing, and modern design ideas to complement the rest of your house. 

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What we discussed:

Hi everyone. I'm Karl. Welcome to another Homebuyer's School video, a channel where you get the latest strategy, tactics, and tips from experts to help you with your home buying journey.

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Today I'm joined by Mackenzie Schurer, Interior Designer with Brookfield Residential. And today we're going to talk about:

Countertop ideas for your bathroom

I know, Mackenzie, in our last video, we talked about the types of countertops, right?

And if you want to know more, you can check out the video up here and I'm going to leave it in description below.

In your opinion,

What would you recommend for a regular sized bathroom?

Mackenzie Schurer:        

Obviously the options are the same, [00:01:00] but the function in a bathroom is going to be very different than in a kitchen, so you have to take that into account.

If we're looking at either a main bath or a en-suite where it's being used daily, either by kids or adults, you want to look at maybe something a little lower maintenance, especially if you've got hair tools, hot elements right on the surface.

Also cleanability, you're usually cleaning around fixtures and things like that.     

So, something lower maintenance like a quartz would be great.

The only thing here is you want to avoid putting any hot appliances directly [00:01:30] on it.

So, if you're going to use a curling iron or a straight iron, just put something underneath it.

The benefit of a natural stone would be that you don't have to worry about the heat as much, but there will just be a little bit more maintenance and you want to make sure no oils or acids get on those materials compared to the quartz.

Karl Yeh:             

So, things like shampoo or things like deodorant or whatever it is, would that have an adverse impact on the man made or more adverse impact on-

Mackenzie Schurer:        On the natural.

Karl Yeh:              ... On the natural, okay.

Mackenzie Schurer:        Yeah, especially oils. There's a lot of face oils and things like that.

Karl Yeh:              Got it.

Mackenzie Schurer:      

That's what really will [00:02:00] be an issue for these ones, but then they don't respond to the heat. You just have to think about how you use the space.

How often to seal and/or clean natural stone?

Karl Yeh:             

And if you were to go natural, how often would you need to I guess seal it or clean it? Like every six months?

Same thing as a kitchen?

Mackenzie Schurer:        

About the same as a kitchen, yeah.

A quartzite or granite, you'd want to be about every eight months to a year depending on how frequently or how heavy use it's getting.

Marble, closer to the six month mark.

Karl Yeh:              Yeah. Are there any ...

How about waterproofing? Is that a concern at all?

Mackenzie Schurer:        

[00:02:30] It's not a concern with any of these. And the way they're installed, the joints and the seams and everything are well sealed.

Karl Yeh:             

So, you won't see any type of warping or anything like that?

Mackenzie Schurer:        No.

Ideas for bathroom countertops

Karl Yeh:             

Okay. Now let's talk about ideas.

What are some of the, I guess the trends or ideas for bathroom countertops today?

Mackenzie Schurer:      

It really depends on the tile you've chosen for your bathroom.

I think the countertop needs to complement what you've done in the rest of the space.

And it's a smaller piece of the puzzle, so I always encourage homeowners to choose the surrounding tile first and then we'll find a countertop that suits [00:03:00] it.   

The one exception to that would be maybe a powder room where you want it to be a bit more of a showpiece.

That's a great spot to use something like a natural stone.

It's not getting heavy use and it's a small area, so you can really get more bang for your buck in that space and really create something unique.

Karl Yeh:             

How about in terms of matching it with let's say your tile, does that have any impact, your tile or your bath, whatever the material you choose in your bathroom for?

Mackenzie Schurer:       

Yeah, I think it's more important to coordinate.

We're never going to get an exact match. [00:03:30] And by coordinating it instead pulling the same colors may be more pattern, less pattern, it's going to look a little bit more cohesive.

Karl Yeh:             

Can you actually mix and match the two or would you recommend one type or one color for the bathroom?

Mackenzie Schurer:       

My preference on countertops in a bathroom, so if you had maybe a split vanity or something like that, I would keep the same countertops just because you have a lot of finishes in the bathroom that will play into it.

You have the plumbing fixtures, the chrome or the metal finish that you choose, and then the various tiles and [00:04:00] various sizes.

So, I think personally, just to keep it nice and clean to leave the countertops the same. Another way to tie it together would be to wrap one of these up as the backsplash. That's another option as well.

Karl Yeh:              Oh, okay.

Mackenzie Schurer:        If you want a simplify or more modern look.

Karl Yeh:              And does it matter if you combine man made versus natural or not at all?

Mackenzie Schurer:        No. No.

Karl Yeh:             

Right. In terms of cost, does this cost about the same as a kitchen countertop when you design it or more expensive? How does that work?

Mackenzie Schurer:      

It's just based on square footage costs. [00:04:30] Typically, to upgrade in a bathroom's going to be less just depending on the design of your home. But that's where a smaller powder room, you might be able to upgrade a little bit more rather than a large main bath where you've got a couple sinks.

Karl Yeh:             

What if your bathroom is smaller or bigger? Does that make a difference or it's still aesthetically ?

Mackenzie Schurer:            

Not specifically to the material. I think maybe more to the pattern or the color you choose.

A smaller bathroom, you may want to go a little bit more simple.

But again, it just plays into the rest of your finishes and how [00:05:00] creative you want to get.

Karl Yeh:             

Perfect. Do you have anything else to add in terms of designing your bathroom with the different types of countertops?

Mackenzie Schurer:          

No, I think sometimes what you can do is tie that countertop finish into other places in the bathroom just to tie it together. Maybe you're doing a bench in the shower or a niche and that would be a spot to tie it in. But in terms of materials, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

Question of the Day

Karl Yeh:              

Perfect. The question of the day I have for you is

What are some bathroom ideas you have in terms of countertops as well as what material did you use?

[00:05:30] Let us know in the comment section below.          

If you want to know more about marble, quartz or granite countertops, I've actually got a great playlist for you here as well as other interior design videos, which we have here. I'll see you in our next video.


Your turn:

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