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How to avoid the most common moving mistakes (so you're not overwhelmed by the move)

“Always pick your yard based on your Summer lifetstyle.”


June 11, 2018 - Karl Yeh

Getting ready to move? How to do get started so you don't make mistakes or get overwhelmed come moving day? In this episode, we discuss the three most common moving mistakes. We also explore how to hire moving professionals if you don't want to do it yourself. 


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Karl Yeh:

Hi everyone. I'm Karl Yeh, and welcome to another Home Buyer's School video, a channel where you get the latest strategies, tactics, and tips from home buying experts.

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Today I'm joined by Nate Edwards, Co-founder of Virtuo, , a company that makes moving and transitioning to a new home simple and stress free.

The question we're gonna answer today is:

What are some mistakes people make when moving?

1. Procrastination

Nate Edwards:   

Good question.            

The biggest mistake is procrastination.

When you're leading up to your possession date, people will have 30 to 45 days, and it's easy to put off packing and just wait for things to happen [00:01:00] and you'll get to it, you'll get to it.

Chances are if you haven't started getting to it, those last five days leading up to your possession where you do start tackling this all at once, it's stressful, it's painful.

The easiest way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Apply that same theory and apply that to your actual move itself.

Karl Yeh:                      

Do you have any maybe strategies to overcome some of that, I would say, procrastination, maybe a little bit of laziness?

Nate Edwards:             

Yeah. You know what, it is an overwhelming [00:01:30] process and, to think at it from a holistic view. Packing up your entire home is a process:

Start in the rooms that you don't use often.

Starting in the basement or start in the crawlspace, start in the garage or the shed, the things that aren't going to impact your day to day life.

Starting in the kitchen, it doesn't make sense. You're in there every single day. Leave the kitchen, leave the bedroom for the last two rooms that you're going to actually pack up.

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2. Not being prepared when your moving help arrives

Karl Yeh:                      

Awesome. Now what other mistakes people make? I think you were mentioning before we actually [00:02:00] even got on air here...people.

Nate Edwards:             

Yeah, people.

Employing the right amount of support on your actual move day, but the biggest mistake is not being prepared for when your friends and family get here.

If your friends and family show up and you're still packing up your toaster and you haven't got your linens packed, and your bed, like you said, it's stressful. T

hey want to get in and out of there just as fast as you do. So if you're prepared on move day and have everything in boxes and ready to go, it's going to make this process a lot more [00:02:30] enjoyable for not just you but for everyone else that you've employed.

Karl Yeh:                       Now, I think another mistake that people make is probably not enough people. If you have a full house and it's just you and your brother, this is going to take you a long time.

Nate Edwards:             

It's gonna take you a long time. Yeah.

You know, more is more when it comes down to sweat equity and actually moving things out of the house.

But you also have to get the right amount of people, because if you have 20 people in here, they're just going to get in the way and it's going to [00:03:00] be overwhelming.

If you've got three or four or five buddies would be ideal to help you get everything out efficiently and get it all done as fast as possible without people wasting their time.

3. Not hiring a professional (when you don't want to do it yourself)

Karl Yeh:                      

Awesome. Can you think of any other mistakes that you've come across, people make when and when they're making the move?

Nate Edwards:             

If you don't want to do it, hire professional.

If you are one of those procrastinators and you don't want to do it, honestly, [00:03:30] you'll save yourself a lot of stress if you just hire the right people to actually do it for you.

Karl Yeh:                       

How do you go about hiring those right people?

Nate Edwards:              Good question.

Google is an incredible resource, the BBB.

Cheap is expensive when you're actually looking at hiring movers. So stick with those reputable companies, the trustworthy companies, the people that you see their trucks all the time.

If they have a location that's huge in the moving world. So go out, talk to your moving companies and vet them [00:04:00]. Talk to them.

Karl Yeh:                      

Is it better to hire a moving company or something like post an ad in Kijiji or Craigslist, to help me move.

Nate Edwards:             

Again, cheap is expensive.

Moving is, it is an art. I would suggest leaving it to a professional.

It's not an easy process and hiring someone off Kijiji. You pose the risk of breaking all this stuff that you've accumulated over your entire life.

So I don't think it's worth it, but I would ensure hiring a professional.

Karl Yeh:                      

[00:04:30] Perfect. Thank you everyone for joining us. Remember to watch our tips on moving in the video above, and we'll catch you next time.


Your turn:

Let us know if you have moving or home buying questions that we can answer by submitting them in the comments section below. 

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About Nate Edwards and Virtuo:

The founders of Virtuo have spent the last 15 years helping some of Alberta’s largest companies relocate their employee’s all around the world. Virtuo was founded in with the belief that transitioning into a new home should be simple and stress-free for everyone. This session Virtuo will be covering helpful tips, insights and strategies to support your move into your Brookfield Home so you can stay excited about your new home without the fear and anxiety of a monster to- do list.

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