Why Buy a Brookfield Townhome or condo?


Peace of mind. Brookfield Residential is a leading North American land developer and homebuilder with over 60 years of experience in Alberta. You can trust that we're here to stay for years to come.


When you buy with Brookfield, you’re actually buying from Brookfield - that’s why we proudly put our name on every purchase agreement.


With our Townhomes and Condos, the exterior work is done - no more mowing grass or shovelling snow. You only have to maintain the interior of your home.


You have the opportunity to personalize the interior of your home with our curated interior style collections.


You’ll find affordability in home price and utility bills.


An attached garage or parkade makes things easier (and more comfortable) during the winter months.

The Benefits of Condo Fees

  • Get your weekends back - professional, year-round maintenance is covered; ensuring your property always looks its best, without the need for you to lift a finger.
  • Achieve peace-of-mind with the understanding that the need for any major exterior repairs will be covered by a contingency fund.
  • A strong mix of shared values dictates a comprehensive list of bylaws that ensures everyone within the community adheres to respectful, neighbourly practices.
  • Beyond ensuring your home always looks great on the outside; you will have a voice within your evolving community.

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