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Passive Hause
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Passive Haus Windows

Triple pane windows provide the best possible protection against cold, driving rain and noise.Supplied by Optiwin

Thermal Installation 

Super insulated walls provide unmatched thermal comfort and saves money year-round.


Outside noise and distraction disappear in the home as the design provides a unique sense of comfort and relaxation.


Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) was used for the walls, roof and floors – it was manufactured offsite and assembled in a matter of days.

Solar Energy 

Alberta’s most abundant resource – the SUN! Provides green energy to the home.


Air quality is constantly managed by a 95% efficient Energy Recovery Ventilation system. Supplied by Zehnder

Airtight Building Envelope

An airtight building envelope ensures dust, pollen, and critters stay on the outside while keeping the warmth on the inside.


Heating is provided by the sun with only supplemental heat on the coldest days – the home does not have a furnace.


Sustainable materials and purposeful design ensure the home can endure changing weather patterns and rising energy costs.

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Symons Gate

Passive Haus

Brookfield Residential’s vision is to build the Best Places to Call Home and to create resilient, sustainable communities for generations to come. By 2030, Canada’s National Energy Code will require homes to be 80 percent more energy efficient than homes built today. Brookfield Residential’s Symons Gate Passive Haus is a model to inspire future projects and practices, as well as highlight the challenges innovative projects face in defining sustainable housing in the years to come.

The project is one of the foremost examples of energy efficient construction available in the world today, so efficient it doesn’t even require a furnace. Passive Haus offers a glimpse of what sustainability and innovation may look like in the future, and Brookfield Residential is leading the way.

Project Partners:

  • AAA Doors Ltd.
  • Behind the Line Design Ltd.
  • BMW Roofing & Siding
  • Canden Contracting Ltd.
  • Canyon Plumbing & Heating
  • Cover Me Décor
  • Dauter Stone Inc.
  • Empire Drywall
  • Foothills Concrete
  • Kingswood Interiors
  • Nu-Way Floor Fashions Ltd.
  • Omega 2000 Cribbing
  • Poltex Painting Inc.
  • Sawback Builders
  • Spindle Stairs & Railings
  • Stich Passive Design
  • Stone Creek Interiors Ltd.
  • Trail Appliances Ltd.
  • Trecc Electric
  • Viper Concrete
  • Virtuoso Energy


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