on June 20, 2017

Symons Gate Brookfield Residential Customer Review

“My experience with Brookfield Residential has been so remarkable all the way.  I had only gone to their office to meet a friend when I got hooked to them based on their available options , the prices and the community Symons Gate (its newness and location). The processes were made simple from the paper work through construction down to possession. The show home itself is welcoming for all ages as everyone especially the kids do have something to do while the adults go about the home choice business.

I was skeptical at the beginning based on other first home owners experience with other builders but Brookfield Residential sales team really made me feel at home and made my experience memorable. The sales team (Lisa and Pierre ) are exceptional as they are dependable, gives prompt updates with pictures if necessary, shows respect to their customers, listens and resolves issues on time.

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