Livingston: One Of The Country’s Most Fire Safe Communities

Home sprinkler systems can save lives and keep your family safe. All of the homes in Livingston will be equipped with sprinkler systems, adding safety and security to all residence.

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Smoke doesn’t set off sprinklers, only temperatures of 135-165 F° will - don’t worry about burnt toast!

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90% of home fires only require one sprinkler to put it out, not like what you see in the movies of the whole building spraying water.

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Sprinkler heads are discrete and aesthetically pleasing, it’s like they aren’t even there.


A fire hose uses 10 times the amount of water. A sprinkler uses 10-25 gallons/minute; a fire hose uses 125-150 gallons/minute!

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Many insurers in Canada offer reduced rates for homes equipped with fire sprinklers. They can reduce your home insurance by up to 20% and increase your property value.

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These systems reduce fire and water damage by 95% when a fire occurs.

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Over time homes equipped with sprinkler systems will become more commonplace and buyers will expect them in any new home they purchase.

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The Calgary Fire Department supports and endorses the use of residential fire sprinklers in Livingston homes and is monitoring the program.

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