on August 18, 2017

It has been a very positive and exciting experience for us

"Kelly and I have been exploring building a house for several years now, but we could never find the right combination of the location, community, price and builder. We have lived in Wentworth for the past 13 years and simply love the area, and did not want to leave.

Unfortunately anytime we looked at show homes in close proximity, they were either outside our budget, too large for two people or simply not the quality builder we were seeking. However, anytime we visited an Albi show homes throughout the city, we always walked away so impressed. We loved their floorplans, the quality of their workmanship and especially fell in love with their kitchens which are so open and inviting, but we didn’t think it was realistic because they weren’t building in the area and the many of their homes were outside of our budget. Then we heard about “The Rise” and we were excited about the prospect of homes with all the benefits of Albi’s reputation and craftsmanship, in a great new community and with new floor plans that would meet our needs. So we decided to visit the show home in Symons Valley late last year, as the Rise wasn’t going to be open until Spring 2017.

As we started the potential purchase, we were immediately impressed with the Community Manager, Bobby Khakh. Not only was he was very knowledgeable and professional, but he provided exceptional customer service. As it was our first time through the process, this was very reassuring. His knowledge of Albi and the building process was also quite impressive, as he regularly quoted certain upgrades to us within dollars of the final price. In closing, having Bobby’s expertise was instrumental as we chose to customize our floorplan and he has continues to be a reliable and valuable resource as we work through the construction process.

We also have to say the Albi building experience is quite special with the Galleria and all the expertise that is provided throughout the selection process. Mackenzie and Tracey in particular helped guide us through this process and ensure that our home was going to be everything we had dreamed of. Simply put, we couldn’t have done it without their guidance and assistance.

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