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How to finance your home: 

Infographic guide

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Understand the financial requirements when buying your next home.


Can you afford to buy a home? Answering this question is one of, if not the most important part of the home buying process. Yet many potential home buyers don't know the complexities of financing when buying. 

That's why we created this infographic guide on how to finance your next home. We gathered information from our trusted mortgage experts and answered the most common financial questions people have when buying a home. 

Understanding what steps to take with your lender, rules to know, and financial requirements to meet so you know how much you can afford. 

Use these infographics as a starting point when planning your budget and don't forget to start your home buying process by having a conversation with your lender.

Download this infographic guide to:

  • Know how pre-approval works and how much mortgage you could be approved for
  • Understand the mortgage stress test
  • Calculate your down payment required
  • Understanding interest rates and impact when buying
  • Recognize myths about mortgages

Know how much you can afford. Get your guide in seconds.