on September 05, 2017

Now available in the community of Paisley, Brookfield homes is introducing Dog-Friendly features to have in your newly built home.

Pet Door

Play doorman for your pet no longer with an installed pet door in your new home. Free access to the outdoors can keep you in bed longer in the morning and no more accidents from not knowing your pet needs outside.

View this option in our Adamo and Robson (coming soon) Show Homes in Paisley.

Pet Wash Station

Spring and winter seasons can be messy with snow and rain which means a simple walk to the park with your pet results in carrying them up the stairs (trying not to get dirty yourself) and washing them off…exhausting. You can have a wash station built-in near the back of your new home to make the whole process a lot easier.

View this feature in our Adamo Show Home in Paisley

Pet Run
Moving into a new home without landscaping in the backyard can be really difficult when you have a pet who needs to go outside. Having a pet run installed for when you take possession of your home provides a safe space for your dog to spend time outside while keeping your fresh new floors clean inside.

View this option in our Robson Show Home in Paisley.

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