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Save time, money (and your sanity!) with this Home Edit-inspired pantry refresh.


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This #BrookfieldDIY is inspired by The Home Edit, Nashville-based professional organizers who have taken the internet and Instagram by storm thanks to their
Netflix special Get Organized with The Home Edit.

To transform the pantry in our Hudson show home in Chappelle Gardens, our friends at Luxe Design used a combination of accessible and affordable products from The Home Edit’s product line, as well as from local retailers.

Not only does this project amplify the look of your pantry, it will also save you time, money (and your sanity!) in the long run.

Here’s some tips and tricks to achieve an organized and aesthetically pleasing pantry:

1. Start with a clean slate. Remove everything from your pantry and
de-clutter. Get rid of expired food and donate any food that you know
won’t be consumed to a local food bank.

2. Group “like” items together. It’s hard to keep things looking neat and
tidy when products come in different sizes of boxes and packaging. Group like items (e.g. cereals) in the same size and type of container and recycle their old packaging.

3. Invest in great product. Lay out all of your pantry items and take inventory of what you have and how often you use it to determine the types of containers or baskets you’ll need. When purchasing new containers, try and limit it to 1 to 3 sizes and shapes. The more you can keep things looking the same, the prettier it looks.

We recommend using clear canisters so it’s easy to gauge when it’s time to re-stock and to help avoid over purchasing. Baskets are great for packaged goods, items like potatoes, or back stock that you may have purchased on sale.

4. Print or purchase labels. Labeling your items is a nice way to finish your pantry edit and helps keep things organized and easy for everyone in the family to use.

Visit or book a myTime tour of the Hudson to view this project in person and get a shopping list to duplicate the look yourself.

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