Low Carbon Discovery Home

in Chappelle Gardens

Working together, ATCO, Brookfield Residential and SAIT are committed to helping Alberta reduce carbon emissions. The goal is to build an affordable low carbon home that will reduce emissions and utility bills by reliably producing as much electricity as it consumes.

Every part of the Low Carbon Discovery Home works to heat the home and provide ultimate comfort. The home is equipped with the following to help lower carbon emissions:

    • An upgraded building envelope that increases the resistance to heat escaping the home
    • Energy efficient natural gas appliances
    • Micro combined heat and power (mCHP) system that utilizes waste from the homes heating ventilation systems to produce electricity
    • Buffer tank that is filled with water to store thermal energy from the mCHP unit for use in your home.
    • Solar photovoltaic panels (PV)
    • Sunstop Glazing Windows with Low-E coatings reduce sun penetration and increase insulation to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter
    • Spray foam insulation that improves heat insulation, moisture barrier, and decreases air leakage




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Visit the Low Carbon Discovery Home.

The Low Carbon Discovery Home is located within the Chappelle Gardens Show Home Village and can be viewed during regular show home hours:

Monday - Thursday: 2 - 8pm
Friday - Sunday & Holidays: 12 - 5pm