Meeting people and making friends in a new community can be intimidating. Unless you live in Chappelle Gardens!
The Chappelle Gardens Social Crews were created to bring like-minded neighbours together through shared interests and common passions.
It's the fastest, easiest and funnest way to connect with others and become part of this dynamic, tight-knit community. There are no initiation ceremoniess and no stealing the rival group's mascot.

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The Chappelle Gardens Residents Association (CGRA), also known as the Social House, is the place where all the magic comes to life. With over 6,600 sq.ft of indoor space and acres of outdoor space there is plenty of room to host events and create programs for neighbours to connect.

For those new to the community day passes can always be requested from the CGRA team to come in and experience the Social House just as a resident would.

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